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5 of the biggest fire hazards in the workplace

Most workplaces contain a number of inherent fire risks, but they’re not always obvious. It’s a perilous thought that you could be walking past, inadvertently talking about or even interacting with fire hazards on a daily basis, but this is … Continue reading

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4 ways to create a safety-first culture at work

No matter the industry within which you operate or the size of your business, there are likely to be risks prevalent throughout the organisation. Some will relate to personal injury through misuse of equipment, while others might be prominent fire … Continue reading

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How to identify and protect your business against counterfeit electrical goods

A report by the European Commission once revealed that the total value of counterfeit goods detained in the EU during 2015 was €642 million. That huge figure neatly illustrates how big an issue this is, but counterfeiting in the electrical … Continue reading

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Back to basics: the most common questions about electrical testing, answered!

The Electrical Testers engineers really do see some sights when out and about. Check out this washing machine: Despite the inexplicably clean drum, no one would want an object as seemingly harmless as the humble washing machine to end up … Continue reading

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How to protect your business from arson

There are few thoughts more sickening as a business owner than that of arriving at your premises only to find them billowing with smoke or left in a giant, smouldering mess. Fire destroys lives, businesses and careers, and when it … Continue reading

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The 5 benefits of emergency lighting for your business

Light regularly guides the way in life, but when it comes to business, it can literally mean the difference between life or death. That might sound a bit dramatic, but we’re of course referring to emergency lighting, which is so … Continue reading

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What the Grenfell disaster tells us about PAT testing

It’s now two months since the Grenfell Tower fire that killed hundreds and left countless others without a home. The disaster tore apart a community and swung the media spotlight onto the choice of cladding that allegedly caused the fire … Continue reading

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