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Corporate Social Responsibility


Our nationwide team is dedicated to doing what’s best for our customers and the environment

At Electrical Testers, we take our corporate responsibility very seriously.

Given the type of work we undertake (from fixed wire testing to fire risk assessments), we feel duty-bound to ensure our practices and working methods are in line with modern standards and don’t cause any unnecessary harm to the environment.

Our compliance
Electrical Testers operates an on-going environmental policy that meets the ISO 14001 standard. And, because regulation rarely stands still, we have implemented stringent targets on the performance and fuel consumption of our vehicles to ensure we’re constantly improving our CSR.

We strive at all times to produce the best working practices and deliver services that are of high quality while remaining safe and consistent. Most importantly, we work closely with the communities in which we deliver our services to ensure positive relationships are built with those around us. This enables us to continue developing our corporate social responsibility strategy and do so in a way that benefits both our customers and their neighbours.

We’re all in this together, but businesses who invest in the services of Electrical Testers can be assured of a partner that is committed to social responsibility.

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